Welcome to the .luxe Standard

The first open, Top-Level Domain specifically created to combine Ethereum blockchain innovation and security with meaningful, easy-to-use .luxe names – the .luxe standard that "lets you exchange easily".

No more unintelligible, 42-character hashes – just easy-to-remember .luxe words of your choice that resolve both on the World Wide Web and Ethereum blockchain.

How do Ethereum and .luxe Domain Names Work Together

.luxe is the first top-level domain that is fully compatible with the Ethereum Name Service. This means .luxe names can both resolve over the World Wide Web like any traditional domain name but also be securely associated to the Ethereum blockchain item of the users choice so that name.luxe can be paired with 0x32a4c9fa3d46ab6e87f… - no technical wizardry required.

Two worlds with one, easy-to-remember .luxe name!

  • Blockchain

    From the millions of consumers who already have Ethereum wallets to developers and major corporates developing blockchain projects – all can benefit by replacing cumbersome 42 character identifiers with memorable, user-friendly .luxe names that people can put their trust in.

    Transacting with helen.luxe or sending tokens to safestore.luxe is a whole lot easier and assuring to everyone!

  • Web

    .luxe names also work on the web just like traditional domain names on websites, email, FTP, blogs, etc.

    One .luxe name works in both places – domain name systems AND Blockchain!

It's super easy...

  • Step One

    Register a .luxe domain name like helen.luxe or safestore.luxe

  • Step Two

    Associate the domain name to an existing 42-character Ethereum identifier. Ethereum enabled registrars have already integrated this functionality so all you have to do is add your Ethereum public identifier.

You can associate a .luxe name to whatever you want –                         
                        smart contracts, wallets, decentralized apps, etc.

What makes .luxe different?

.luxe has been designed to support the most advanced blockchain platform, Ethereum – to deliver more functionality and greater ease-of-use for:


Easy-to-generate blockchain secured addresses to support new and existing Decentralized Applications (DApps)

Entrepreneurs & Corporates

Memorable blockchain addresses to operate their business more securely

Crypto Holders

Easy-to-remember public key addresses for cryptocurrency wallets makes transferring tokens easy.

Who is a .luxe web address for?

Users who believe that innovation, trust and security on the Internet should go hand-in-hand

  • Innovators, blockchain entrepreneurs and developers
  • Crypto wallet holders
  • Investors and traditional web users
  • Existing .eth domain holders
  • Exchanges and users who want to conduct a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transaction
  • Organizations who wish to secure their trademarks or expand their services

Simple, readable names are important to users when conducting a transaction including
smart contracts, DApps, wallets, etc.

Why is enabling blockchain for my .luxe web address important?

Interact more easily

Easy-to-remember terms associated with users allows for easy interactions - transferring assets or engaging with an entertaining DApp

Name your wallet

Simple readable names – "bill.luxe" instead of "Ox6f432c…". All major Ethereum based wallets are supported: im Token, My Crypto, My Ether Wallet, Mist, Cipher, Leth, Status, Meta Mask

Name your DApp or smart contract

Easy, memorable names instead of 42-character hashes

Blockchain encrypted protocols

Need we say more…

.luxe ecosystem

Create a
MetaMask Wallet
Deposit Ether
tokens into wallet
(to make transactions)
Transfer-in from
another wallet
or exchange
Buy tokens through an
Record your public
& private keys
Confirm the association
Ethereum Blockchain
  • Decentralized Apps (DApps)
  • Wallets
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Smart Contract
  • Identity Protection
  • Other existing & future innovations
World Wide Web
  • Website
  • Email
  • FTP
  • Etc.
Visit an Ethereum enabled
registrar and register .luxe name

When and how do I get my .luxe?

.luxe names can be purchased from a list of registrars around the globe.
Dates and times are listed below.

TMCH Sunrise
Claims: October 30, 2018 to January 28, 2019
Start AUG 9 2018 16:00 PM UTC
End OCT 8 2018 16:00 PM UTC
ETH Limited Registration
A special period to allow existing .eth holders to claim their matching name.
Learn more.
Start OCT 9 2018 16:00 PM UTC
End OCT 25 2018 16:00 PM UTC
Early Access Program
Early Access is open to the General Public .Additional fees will be accompany the normal tiered pricing structure during this period
Start OCT 30 2018 16:00 PM UTC
End NOV 6 2018 15:59 PM UTC
General Availability
.luxe is live and open to the General Public through participating registrars
Start NOV 6 2018 16:00 PM UTC

Premium Names

Short, memorable, words that have a high-level of search volume are referred to as premium names. Often, they are words associated with products, services, locations or industries which receive a lot of organic traffic so less money is spent on advertising.

Pricing on premium names are higher than regular names but vary depending on the name. Most of our registrar partners that automatically provide you with the premium price and all .luxe domain names will renew at regular registration prices – i.e. the premium price is a one-time only registration price and does not require or the initial registration.

If you are
  • interested in ultra-premium names (one-character, killer crypto terms)
  • an existing wallet provider
  • an existing DApp developer

Please contact us for pricing or to check if we have already reserved the name for you